Capital Raising: Why You Might Not Want a Strategic Investor – Part Two

There is something seductive for entrepreneurs to have a large strategic investor on their share register.  There is also something temporarily exciting for executives of large companies to dip their toes in the waters of start-up land. The thinking is that a potential customer or distributor will care more about its relationship with you if it is a […]

Your Business Valuation

Public companies get a valuation prior to a capital raising or business exit so that they can discharge their duties to their shareholders.   Privately owned companies, however, often resist a valuation because the owners are the shareholders. There is a tendency amongst directors of some privately owned mid-market companies to ask the question, “Why  do I need a valuation of the business?  […]

Strategic Exits: Roles in the Stakeholder Engagement Plan

In previous posts we have seen how stakeholders need to be aligned with your business exit and who you should consider in a Stakeholder Engagement Plan.  Now you need to examine exactly which stakeholders have what role in your plan. In order to develop the engagement plan, you need to map where each stakeholder fits […]

Your Tag Line

Prospective buyers of your company are busy people and some don’t have the luxury of an attention span.  That’s why you need a company tag line to cut through the noise and get their attention. Taglines narrow down your company into one well-crafted, compelling phrase or sentence.  The tagline is the “who we are” – for your customers […]

How to Develop a Tag Line

Tag lines are a way to communicate your brand idea to your customers and potential buyers of your company. Tag lines are an effective way to communicate your brand’s Value Proposition in a powerful, succinct and memorable way. I recommend you simply pay the money and hire a creative agency or an expert in branding.  If, however, you don’t […]


Segment Attractiveness Analysis

To sell your business for high multiples, you must convince a buyer that the segments you compete in are the most attractive possible for your business.  By doing this, you are showing buyers that your resources are efficiently employed in pursuing the most attractive market segments. You are also standing out from the tsunami of […]

The Value Proposition

Why would someone buy your company?  The real answer is that it is cheaper or faster for them to buy your company than to recreate your business themselves.  The challenge for you in selling your business for high multiples is to convince them of this. If you can convince them, the stage is set for a […]