Business Exits: Selling the Family Business

Businesses Come and Go, but Families are Forever

There are many reasons to sell a business, but there is a special overlay when a business has been in the family for many years or family members are shareholders.  In these cases, not only do you have to consider the external and internal drivers for the sale decision, but you have to consider carefully […]

Capital Raising: What VCs Do To You When It All Goes Wrong

Only one or two VC investments out of every ten ever come close to the elusive “10x” investment – the one that returns ten times the initial investment or more.  When your company is that elusive ten-bagger, everyone is happy with you. The problem for you arises when you are not the ten-bagger.  No matter how much […]

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Capital Raising: Why You Might Not Want a Strategic Investor – Part Two

There is something seductive for entrepreneurs to have a large strategic investor on their share register.  There is also something temporarily exciting for executives of large companies to dip their toes in the waters of start-up land. The thinking is that a potential customer or distributor will care more about its relationship with you if it is a […]