Capital Raising: Why You Might Not Want a Strategic Investor – Part One

Many a first-time entrepreneur is convinced that they must find a “strategic investor.”  Finding a “financial investor” will not suffice.  An investor who simply puts in money is not as good as one who will not only put in money, but also provide contacts, advice, manufacturing facilities, distribution channels, market clout and everything else that is needed to become a $100m revenue […]

Capital Raising: How VCs and Professional Investors Add Value to Your Company – Part Two

Invariably entrepreneurs seek to raise “smart money” – money that comes from investors who can also  can provide advice, contacts and assistance.  Professional investors often have these smarts and they can arrange introductions to strategic allies, help deal with recalcitrant suppliers or even smooth over issues with regulatory authorities or government. Usually VCs, PE companies or professional investors have […]