Creating Value: Negotiation and Your BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement)

“In every negotiation it must be assumed – unless you are dealing with juveniles – that your opposite numbers will always table maximum positions first.  Equally important, it must be assumed – unless you are dealing with fools – that your opposite numbers have not disclosed their minimum positions in any manner.”  Thus spoke Gordon […]

Creating Value: Multiparty and Multiphase Negotiations

When thinking of negotiations, most people envisage two parties hammering out a deal.  Often however, there are more than two parties, more than two places and more than one time period. Some negotiators describe multiparty negotiations as being like herding cats.  When the negotiations become multiparty and multiphase, its like herding pigeons: just like herding […]

Creating Value: The Two Types of Negotiation

In creating value, raising capital or selling a business, the rubber hits the road when you sit down and negotiate a price.  The difficulty is that most people don’t negotiate for a living, whereas professional investors do. There is therefore a fundamental asymmetry in the negotiating position that can only be overcome by learning negotiation […]

Creating Value: Using Joint Ventures to Increase Revenue

One way to increase revenue quickly is to acquire another company.  Another way is to go into a joint venture with that company. Joint ventures are commonly perceived to have less risk than a full-on acquisition or merger – and they can be by two or more parties used to solve particular commercial problems without getting […]