How to Value Your Business

There are a number of common business valuation methods, so which one do you choose?  The answer is: the one that best suits your industry sector and your prospective investor or buyer’s investment thesis. Let’s run through the four most common valuation methods for business sales in Australia. The First Common Valuation Method: Multiples Businesses […]

Ben Killerby

Your Business Valuation

Public companies get a valuation prior to a capital raising or business exit so that they can discharge their duties to their shareholders.   Privately owned companies, however, often resist a valuation because the owners are the shareholders. There is a tendency amongst directors of some privately owned mid-market companies to ask the question, “Why  do I need a valuation of the business?  […]

Issues with Non-Disclosure Agreements

You sign an NDA, but what happens if the recipient discloses your information anyway?  Now your deal is a secret all over town. What can you do to protect yourself? Firstly, realise that they may have had no choice.  Regardless of what you wrote, they may have been under some “higher duty” to disclose.  This is […]

The Non-Disclosure Agreement

Sooner or later you are going to have to “open the kimono” and hand over sensitive company information to potential investors or purchasers.    How do you ensure they have enough information to give you an indicative offer, but your information doesn’t end up all over town? The answer is with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (“NDA”). In […]