Do You Solve a Problem Worth Solving?

“The bigger the problem, the bigger the hero.”  If you solve a big problem for a lot of people, then investors and acquirers are far more interested in your business. Investors and acquirers want to know: What problem you are addressing Who currently suffers from this problem, and the nature of their “pain” The market potential […]

The Look and Feel of Your Information Memorandum

The IM must deliver an emotional impact to the unconscious mind of potential investors whilst also addressing the logic of their conscious minds.  The IM must be part of an emotionally satisfying sale process that starts with the Elevator Pitch and ends with a signed Subscription Agreement. Science has been associating colour with human emotions […]

Capital Raising: the Information Memorandum

The Information Memorandum (“IM”) is the pivotal document in all your discussions leading up to the legal agreements.  It does two things: it sells your business to the investor and it also protects you from litigation if things later head south. Once you have had your first meeting, qualified interest, had the Cook’s Tour, got […]