Segment Attractiveness Analysis

To sell your business for high multiples, you must convince a buyer that the segments you compete in are the most attractive possible for your business.  By doing this, you are showing buyers that your resources are efficiently employed in pursuing the most attractive market segments. You are also standing out from the tsunami of […]

Your Competitive Advantage

Even after you have chosen your market segments, you still need something more to be attractive to a strategic purchaser.  You can’t sell your business for high multiples unless you can show the buyer that you have a competitive advantage in each of those segments. No-one pays high multiples for a “me too” business.  To articulate […]

Market Segmentation Analysis

We all imagine that the eventual sale of our company or business will provide unimaginable riches.  In the back of our minds, however, is the unspoken worry that the sale won’t yield enough after we repay out the bank, pay out the staff entitlements and and pay the creditors.  Worse still, for the baby boomers […]

Articulating Your Pricing Strategy

One of the main issues in due diligence for a buyer of your company is to understand your pricing strategy.  What they are trying to discover is whether you have got it right, or whether there is more upside that they can exploit after they buy your company. The problem is that most advisors and transaction […]

The Pricing Analysis

One technique to increase the valuation of your business prior to selling it is to do a Pricing Analysis to show that your prices are optimised – or at least that they can be optimised when a potential purchaser takes over. Even in mid-market businesses, the problem is that many businesses have a “gut feeling” they can’t […]